What we did and what we found out 

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Join us at Stoer Hall on 9th and 10th November to find out more about the results of our work at Clachtoll, and to see the lovely finds. More details in the poster below! 

3D model of Clachtoll by James McComas

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Clachtoll volunteer and NoSAS member James McComas has constructed this 3D model of the broch using photogrammetry… thanks James! Clachtoll Broch, Assynt Sep 2017 Late Excavation by jamesmcc on Sketchfab  

Evening lecture: Progress So Far…

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The archaeological team will present an update on the project so far on Wednesday 30th August at 7.30pm, at Stoer Hall in Assynt. Come along to find out more about the work at the broch, the artefacts found and the latest ideas on the history of the broch.

Prehistoric Architecture: experimental corbelling workshops

How do corbelled cells stand up? Corbelling is a simple but ingenious technique used in the contruction of chambers and cells, found in prehistoric architecture from the Neolithic onwards. Brochs contain corbelled cells as part of their hollow-walled construction. We will be building our own corbelled cell next week at Clachtoll, to demonstrate the technique. […]

Entering Clachtoll broch…

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Entering Clachtoll broch…

The rubble removal at the broch has now proceded to a level where the original entrance passage is clear, meaning the building can be accessed via the doorway for the first time since the tower collapsed, some time in the period 150 BC to AD 50. In this short video, Historic Assynt chair Gordon Sleight […]

Broch Developments

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Many thanks to those who turned out for the March consultations. The archaeological and conservation proposals were as put forward in May and September and have consistently gained overwhelming support . The major challenge created by the excavation and consolidation programme is how to discourage visitors from climbing over the consolidated structure, damaging it further […]

Public Consultations: Summary

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The Consultation process   Background Following concern expressed at Assynt Community Council about the state of the broch, a public meeting, sponsored by ACC, Historic Assynt, Comunn Eachdraidh Asainte and the local Ranger, was called to air concerns and decide on options. It was agreed that HA should seek funds for a feasibility study. Following […]

Broch developments

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Responding to local concerns we have started to work on some entirely new ideas for the long term presentation of the broch to the public, and hope to be able to bring forward new proposals for further consultations in the new year. The archaeological and conservation proposals remain essentially those put forward in the Conservation […]

September Consultations: feedback

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Many thanks to all those who took part in last month’s second round of consultations. The first round in June had established that there was strong support for the excavation and consolidation of the broch but opinions on how best to access and present the broch to the public in the future was more polarised. […]

Analysis of feedback from the Consultations

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Historic Assynt have now collated and analysed all of the feedback received from the community consultations carried out in June, which presented ideas on the future investigation, conservation and presentation of Clachtoll broch. The following report summarises this analysis, and refers to the design options illustrated in this PDF.   Attendance Total: 64 55 residents […]