More interesting finds at Clachtoll broch

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More interesting finds at Clachtoll broch

The excavation of the ‘guard’ cell to the left of the entrance, between the broch walls, continues to produce really interesting finds, particularly coming out from the sieving of the gloopy material in the floor of the chamber. Under where the almost complete skeleton of a sheep was found was some slimy deposits – possibly […]

What did the broch people have for their tea?

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Come along on Friday to find out! Friday 13 July 2018, Stoer Green From 2pm, food preparation: grinding grain in a quern, setting up a roasting pit, making bannocks, gathering and preparing herbs etc From 6pm, cooking and tasting. ALL WELCOME – BRING A BOWL AND SPOON! For more details contact iron age food […]

Ewe What?!

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Ewe What?!

A body of a dead sheep has been found in Assynt? That’s not exactly interesting, is it? Well, yes, actually. It’s astounding! Historic Assynt planned this fortnight of summer activities to coincide with the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Assynt Crofters Trust’s buyout of the North Assynt Estate, which is being celebrated through a marvelous Feis […]

The Broch is Booming

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As part of this fortnight of excavation and summer fun at Clachtoll Broch, the wonderful Henry Fosbrooke has been running drumming workshops, with drums made of native wood and deer hides. It’s not unreasonable to believe that the broch’s inhabitants two thousand and more years ago, might have played instruments like this. And hopefully they […]

We’re all potty about the Iron Age at Clachtoll

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Look at this beautiful array of pots that emerged once the pit kiln could be opened, twenty-four hours after the blaze on Monday! We were amazed that so few cracked or broke in the fire and there are some lovely blue shades on some of the clay. Lots of delighted people who made pots in […]

The dig is off to a blazing start

The dig is off to a blazing start

One of Assynt’s modern day assets is a wealth of talented potters, not least because of Highland Stoneware, based in Lochinver. Two people who work some of the time for them, and also run their own ceramics businesses, are Fergus Stewart and Marc Campbell. Fergus is an internationally-renowned potter and kiln builder, with decades of […]

All welcome to join in some experimental archaeology at Clachtoll

THERE ARE LOTS OF EVENTS TO JOIN IN WITH FROM 2nd – 14th  JULY: ALL EVENTS ARE FREE EXCAVATION at the Broch Monday 2 July 2-5pm & then 9am – 5pm daily (not Sunday) until Saturday 14 July Volunteers welcome – no experience required   CLACHTOLL BROCH ACTIVITIES AND DISPLAYS: Monday 2 July Afternoon In […]


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Monday 26 March, 8pm, Lochinver Community Room, FREE event, all welcome Come to an evening of stories with historical novelist Margaret Elphinstone, Lewis story teller and author Ian Stephen, and raise a glass for the launch of The Walrus Mutterer, a new novel set at Clachtoll broch, in the Iron Age, by local author Mandy […]

Iron Age Food and an update from the project

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On Thursday 9 November the archaeology team will be reporting back on their analysis of finds and conclusions so far. This will happen in Stoer Hall from 7.30pm. We’ll be serving some Iron Age style refreshments from 7pm onwards, so make sure not to eat too much beforehand or you’ll miss out on some archaeologically-informed […]

Our stonemason speaks

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Our stonemason speaks

We thought you would be interested to hear from the broch builder himself. For regular readers, no, sadly this doesn’t mean we’ve managed to bring Ug back to life, but Brian Wilson, from Wildland Services in Ullapool, is the next best thing – the masterful stonemason who has been repairing some of the most dangerous […]