Iron Age Food and an update from the project

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On Thursday 9 November the archaeology team will be reporting back on their analysis of finds and conclusions so far. This will happen in Stoer Hall from 7.30pm. We’ll be serving some Iron Age style refreshments from 7pm onwards, so make sure not to eat too much beforehand or you’ll miss out on some archaeologically-informed […]

What we did and what we found out 

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Join us at Stoer Hall on 9th and 10th November to find out more about the results of our work at Clachtoll, and to see the lovely finds. More details in the poster below! 

Our stonemason speaks

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Our stonemason speaks

We thought you would be interested to hear from the broch builder himself. For regular readers, no, sadly this doesn’t mean we’ve managed to bring Ug back to life, but Brian Wilson, from Wildland Services in Ullapool, is the next best thing – the masterful stonemason who has been repairing some of the most dangerous […]