Mysterious stones found at Clashnessie!

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Mysterious stones found at Clashnessie!

Archaeologists are often non-committal. When you ask them what they have unearthed on a dig you will often get a ‘well, on the one hand it could be… but on the other hand it might…’ Here in Assynt we have a situation where ‘your guess is as good as any’ prevails, at least for the time being.

One of the aims of the Clachtoll broch project is to explore some of the other buildings believed to be contemporary with the broch, around the Assynt coastline. There are several intriguing ruins on exposed coastal spots, including the ‘dun’ out on the promontory above the west side of the beach at Clashnessie. This week a delegation of our archaeologists and volunteers are out there digging into it to see what they can reveal.

So far the stones may possibly include the front of a wall, and there’s a remote chance some may form the other side of the wall. There’s a vague sense of a possible entrance. There’s what may, potentially, be a hearth (pictured above) though you can’t be sure, although a bit of charcoal was found there. Some of the stones are configured in what could, at a stretch, be conceived of as flooring. But the only thing certain for the time being is that, well, they’re stones.

Fortunately they are interesting and mysterious enough stones for the archaeologists to want to look further, so the team will be taking another look tomorrow, and Friday, probably. If you want to help, or go to look and see if you can make any sense of the configurations of stones, you’ll be most welcome. Heading from Stoer, take the left turn at Clashnessie, before you reach the beach (it’s signposted to a B&B) and park by the AOC van. Head towards the sea, past the ruin at the shore then walk towards the beach up onto the headland. You can’t miss it. Just head for the stones…